Jackpot! throws up to five players into the deep end of a redneck American cash prize game show. With Zombies. That want to eat you.

Jackpot! takes a fresh eyed, stylish, look at the zombie survival genre. Standalone card game for up to 5 players. Fully customisable decks.
Game design by Jamie Keddie. Illustration by Jamie Keddie (Book of Spells, Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition) and Brian Lindsay (Paper Zoo).
Featuring GhostRobo and a tonne of game and film references!

Box Contents:
60 Zombie Cards,
40 Weapon Cards,
5 Contestant Cards,
20 Oversized Event Cards,
Mock Newspaper Article.

Zombie, Weapon and Contestant cards fit STANDARD sized gaming sleeves
Event cards fit OVERSIZED gaming sleeves.

1st Edition, First Printing.

Age: 13+
Players: 2-5
Time: 30 – 90 mins

£25 / $40


  • Jackpot! GhostRobo
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  1. Review Reply

    “I can honestly say that in terms of both mechanics and flavor, it is my favorite board game that I’ve played this year.”

    - Daniel Rayner, Major Arcana

  2. Jackpot! joins the list of Scottish game developments alongside Rockstar North's "Grand Theft Auto V" ... scottishgames.net/2013/12/23/2013-a-year-in-releases

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