That’s “Frequently Asked Questions” to you and I…


Q: When the “Bog Hag” appears, when an effect triggers or when one of my opponents uses a “USE:” effect, can I respond by using a “USE:” card from my inventory?
A: No. Card abilities, effects and USE card effects happen as soon as they are announced and resolve before any other abilities or effects can happen.

Q: If no players CAN complete a goal (e.g. “Spend the Least Cash” is the goal but no players have any money) does anybody win?
A: Yes. All players win since the least number in this situation was zero. So, the event ends in a tie with all players coming first.

Q: If I kill the “Cripple” and then it comes back at the end of the turn, does my initial kill still count as a kill?
A: Yes. The “Cripple” has to be “killed” to activate it’s ability in the first place.